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Academics for Undershaw

Also cut and pasted from the latest edition (314: 3 August 2011) of the District Messenger is this:

The future of Undershaw, Conan Doyle's house at Hindhead, is still uncertain. No date has yet been set, I understand, for the judicial review instigated by John Gibson. If you don’t already check it regularly, do take a look at the Undershaw Preservation Trust’s website at www.saveundershaw.com/ and check the Facebook page.

If you work in education, consider joining Academics for Undershaw and help challenge the official view that the house has no cultural significance. Contact David Charles Rose at oscholars@gmail.com.

Taken from David Rose's website:
As at the end of July 2011, 250 academics and scholars had been recruited as 'Academics for Undershaw', opposing the planned development as private residences and in favour of a Conan Doyle Centre.

I like the fact that Academics for Undershaw is explicitly campaigning for Undershaw to be turned into a Conan Doyle Centre. I am on board with that vision and ambition!

David Rose is a friend of mine (even though I have not yet had the pleasure of actually meeting him in person - that will happen in October) so I am taking this opportunity to promote Academics for Undershaw.
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