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Decade, Headlong Theatre

The National Theatre have just advertised this to their membership and it looks very very interesting!

Cut and pasted from the Headlong Theatre website:


Two towers. Ten years. Thousands of opinions.

No-one can forget the moment they heard the news. September 11th, 2001 sent shockwaves across the globe. It was a day that was supposed to change the world forever.

Ten years on, a team of major writers and thinkers explore our responses to the defining event of our times in this new production, directed by Headlong’s Artistic Director Rupert Goold.

We’re turning a dis-used office building into an immersive theatrical experience, taking you from the tranquil setting of the River Thames to the bright blue skies of downtown Manhattan and beyond.

St Katherine Docks - 1st Sept - 15 Oct 2011.

Follow the link for further details:
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