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Prom Praise, Royal Albert Hall

On Saturday 2 April 2011, I went to Prom Praise at the Royal Albert Hall. This was a concert given by the All Souls Orchestra, with the Prom Praise Massed Choir, and hosted by Rico Tice who is the Associate Minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place in London.

The event was not one that would ordinarily even have been on my radar - I only went because it was an All Souls event. It was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The orchestra and the choir were excellent. And the whole of the audience really got into the spirit of the event - everyone was there to have a great time and we definitely did that!

I bought the CD "Prom Praise: Celebrating 30 years" and listened to it today. I loved it!

Sorry to Danny, Benedict and Jonny, and despite my Frankenstein obsession, this event was better than Frankenstein. You felt part of a real community and the messages were wonderful.

Highly recommended.

Looking in the sky whoever could deny your glory?
Gazing into space how small the human race appears.
Seeing you in all your majesty, I wonder how it could be
that you delight in me

Lord you are an amazing God,
Lord you are an amazing God,
Lord you are an amazing God,
And I love you, I love you.

Lord of everything no other god or king is like you.
Powerful and strong yet tender is your song to me.
Knowing the extent of all my sin however could you be pleased,
to pur your love on me?

Lord you are an amazing God ...

You light up the heavens with just one word.
Yuo measure the mountains in your hand.
Yet you treasure the broken and make them whole
you crown us with your love.

Lord you are an amazing God ...

These words are very pertinent to me and are from another hymn "When I was lost""

When I was lost, you came and rescued me;
reached down into the pit and lifted me. ...

And now I stand firm on this rock.
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