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The Wizard of Oz - Rakshita "Dorothy" Patel

Photo credit: http://www.walkforlife.co.uk/

This year the Walk for Life are using their Wizard of Oz theme to reflect how well you are doing re raising sponsorship money.

Cut and pasted from the Walk for Life Website:

"From the moment you register, you become a character from the story. From Munchkin to Dorothy, and beyond, each new character becomes available once you have reached certain sponsorship thresholds. The breakdown of thresholds is as follows:

£0-49.99 : Munchkin (Green) – The place where we all start on our journey
£50-99.99 : Scarecrow (Bronze) – Getting to this level should be a no-brainer for most
£100-£249.99 : Tin Man (Silver) – Becoming a Tin Man shows that your heart really is in the right place
£250-£499.99 : Lion (Gold) - An extraordinary achievement – do you have the courage to take it further?
£500+ : Dorothy (Red) – Reaching this level makes you the star of the show, give those heels a click."

My personal target was £500. Today, after much begging and pleading, my running total hit £504. That means I have made it to Dorothy (Red).

£500 for me, given that it is the Age of Austerity, and no one has any money to spare, was a stretch target. I have delivered my stretch target! However, I am greedy and would like to raise even more money for the Terrence Higgins Trust. I know a few more friends are going to sponsor me this weekend, and I can also get further sponsorship in next week when I have completed the walk and have the proof ie me dressed in my Witch's outfit along the walk and at the finish line.

So keep the money coming in please! Sponsor me here:

Further details:

A few of my favourite messages:
Roger Johnson "May the weather and the roads be easy on you!"
Pauline "Good luck with the walk, and I hope that you don't melt before you finish! :-)"
Lucy Dawes "Go girl...you can do it".
Bola Shoderu "OK you can stop begging now! Good luck!"
Dr Watson "You go girl."
Jigs Patel "Go Sis! Love Jigs, Jeet, Mehul & Surya xxxx"

And the winner of my favourite message is ... Richard Harries!
Richard Harries "I know you'll make it to the Emerald City."

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who have sponsored me so far!
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