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Lord of the Flies, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

Photo credit: http://homehouse.co.uk/whatson/index/latest-events?y=2011&m=6

I saw this yesterday and it was excellent. The production captured perfectly the tipping point when civilisation breaks down and humanity descends into savagery. All the young actors are outstanding and the set quite took my break away. Mega congratulations to the Artistic Director Timothy Sheader, who is nothing short of a genius. He won an Olivier for Into The Woods (I loved that production to pieces too!).

Lord of the Flies will always have a special place in my heart. My English teacher Mike Birks taught it to me and it was the book where he finally broke down my defences and got me to speak up. For years he had been saying that I had the intellect but that was wasted as I was reticent in class. Anyway, with this book I finally exploded all over the classroom, and Mr Birks could not shut me up after this!

At the time, I championed Jack's cause, because he was a leader, he was a winner, and he was strong. However, a very wise person told me just last week that life is not about winning, it is about doing the right thing. I now agree with this view. Therefore, my allegiance has now transferred across to Ralph and Piggy. They were making a stand, trying to do what was right, and trying to hold together the vestiges of civilisation. Yes Jack had all the winning cards but he was a savage and he led through brute strength. Doing the right thing and integrity is paramount and so I am now championing Ralph not Jack!

For more details follow the link:

Here is a great review:

It closes on Saturday 18 June so get your tickets in now!

Buy the book here:
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