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Mark Gatiss and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

Photo credit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00vcwm7

Cut and pasted from The Lexi Cinema Website:

Fri 10 June, 20:30 – Gala launch of Queens Park Book Festival with Mark Gatiss

When actor/producer/novelist Mark Gatiss agreed to host the inaugural event of Queens Park Book Festival he nominated this film as his most favourite film-of-a-book, and he will be with us on the night to tell us why. Mark – well known to TV audiences for his role in The League of Gentleman and his recent series on horror films – is a Holmes aficionado who co-created the hit Sherlock series on the BBC last year. Billy Wilder’s intriguing 1970 homage took a novel look at Holmes, suggesting homosexual tension between the protagonists, and also that Holmes had a healthy opium habit. Wilder had ambitious plans, intending to make it a ‘portmanteau’ film covering 5 separate cases. In the final event the studio took over the edit and what was released was much truncated. The stories that survived contain all sorts of tantalising red herrings, including the Loch Ness monster and a very odd wedding proposal for Sherlock.

To book follow the link:

I am going and have blown out The Holy Rosenbergs to do so!

Thank you to Roger Johnson and The Sherlock Holmes Society of London who tipped me off about this event.
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