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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

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Third Star
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
yvaine24 beat me to it! Like yvaine24 I also went to see Third Star at the Empire, Leicester Square yesterday.

Photographer: Jamie Stoker
Photo credit: http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/third-star-photos/

What struck me most was that Benedict in real life is full of life and energy and looks healthy. In Third Star, he looks so thin and frail and ethereal and vulnerable and - quite literally - as though he is at death's door. His performance in the film is - as expected - heart-breaking. He really conveys the anger and frustration and sadness of someone who has unexpectedly - against their will and hope - run out of time. The film is sold as being about male friendship and terminal cancer, which it is, but it is also about something else which I won't reveal as that would be a major spoiler! Anyway, I thought the film was excellent as it looks at a range of serious subjects in a thought-provoking way. I know the film has had mixed reviews, including on The Review Show, but I would highly recommend it (no surprise there then!).

This is a link to a review I like by Kate Muir in The Times:

Credit: http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/

And a short but pithy review from my favourite paper for Arts coverage The Telegraph:

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I'm glad you and yvaine24 have been lucky enough to be able to see the film. Were audience numbers very low at the showing you attended too? Gives me little hope that there will be a wider release... I just hope that it does come out on DVD! :-/

Yes audience numbers were low. It is on at Screen 9 which only has about 40-50 seats but the cinema was only 50-60% full (I was at the 3.40pm screening).

However, I want to see it again next Saturday and so asked the Box Office if the film would still be on next week. They didn't know as they decide on Tuesday but they said the likelihood was that it would be showing next week as well as they said that it had been "selling well".

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