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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Finsbury Park - Charity Shop - Mark Gatiss
Gods Power Rangers - Red
panijeziora wrote in mycroft_brolly
just a quick hello:)
and even quicker random announcement:
if you leave at finsbury park or near it, in charity shop next to library/city&islington collage you can get a book by Mark Gatiss, signed byt the author HIMSELF!
(sorry, don't remember the title, saw it just in passing, since shop was already closed, but it was inside on upper shelf!, i think it was 7Ł if i saw it correctly! :) fans go and buy! :D)


p.s. yeeey! i have internet again :D

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Oh, you are the brilliant artist who made that (---->) awesome Mycroft drawing, aren't you? ♥

And hello to you too!

hello hello:)

erm, yes, yea i am :D
thank you for calling it awesome, it made me v. happy!
you should ask raks to post photos of postcards she bought from me! those are really good! :)

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