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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Colin Jackson and me
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
Enough people have seen me in and around the National Theatre during the Frankenstein run for me not to be afraid of "outing" myself.

So, this is me, in a sparkly Indian outfit with Colin Jackson.

So what was the occasion? Colin Jackson was the keynote speaker at my Pathways graduation.

What was Pathways?

The Cabinet Office’s Pathways Leadership Programme was a comprehensive leadership development programme designed to identify and develop senior managers from ethnic minorities with the potential to reach the Senior Civil Service (SCS) - twenty senior managers were selected annually across Whitehall.

I applied for the programme to challenge myself, enhance my networks, and to facilitate personal development and career progression. It was fun!

Colin Ray Jackson CBE (born 18 February 1967) is a British former sprint and hurdling athlete who specialised in the 110 metres hurdles. Over his career representing Great Britain and Wales he won an Olympic silver medal, became world champion three times, went undefeated at the European Championships for 12 years and was a two-time Commonwealth champion. His world record of 12.91 seconds for the 110 m hurdles stood for over a decade, and he remains the 60 metres hurdles world record holder.

After a period of sports management and coaching, he now works as a sports commentator for athletics and television presenter (predominantly for the BBC) and appeared in Strictly Come Dancing in 2005.

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Beautiful pics of the pair of you. :-)

Thank you!

Colin obviously always looks stunning!

aaah! you looked so lovely! why you never wear make-up for work????????!!!!!!!!!!!1

Because senior women no longer wear make up to work! That was the 80s. This is 2011!

senior? seriously? you are not THAT old, also you look amazing in make-up !

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