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Rocket To The Moon

I went to see "ROCKET TO THE MOON" at The National Theatre last night. Wasn't sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. It was funny, and quite emotional, and the cast were very good.

I booked to see this originally because Keeley Hawes and Joseph Millson are in it. Over the years I've enjoyed watching these wonderful actors in a variety of roles, and everything they do is always very watchable.  So them being in the same play was reason enough to go see it. I'm so glad I did. 

Oh and Joseph Millson is gorgeous.

by Clifford Odets

"Why don't you suddenly ride away, an airplane, a boat! Take a rocket to the moon! Explode!"

Stunning, stockingless, ruthless in her youth, Cleo Singer arrives in Ben Stark's dental practice and turns his married, humdrum world upside down. She promises passion, escape, if only he knew how. But Stark is not alone in his frustrated dreams and in those stifling, shared offices there's rivalry over a woman discovering life, a woman who's hungry for expression and for love. And she's no pushover, she's looking for the real deal.

"None of you can give me what I'm looking for: a whole full world, with all the trimmings!"

Written in 1938 by Clifford Odets, the American master of dazzling, acerbic New York repartee, ROCKET TO THE MOON puts opportunity in the way of a quietly desperate man and waits.

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