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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Yet another interesting day at the National stage door
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
Today was the third time I waited for Mr Cumberbatch at the stage door with my party invites - all to no avail. Mr Cumberbatch did not stage door again today - the third miss in a row.

However I did catch:

Henry Goodman - the lead in The Holy Rosenbergs. I told him I had booked to see the play purely on the back of the fact that it was directed by Laurie Sansom and Laurie's Spring Storm and Beyond the Horizon were amongst the best shows I saw in London last year. Henry agreed that Laurie was a genius! (Laurie is a very young Director, but he is a genius!). I told Henry I was a civil servant and that I was promoting the play to everyone I knew as being essential for their political education especially those in the Foreign Office. He talked about Yes Prime Minister - I said as a little girl growing up I had thought that there was genius writing in it but when I started work for the civil service I had realised that it was more like a fly on the wall documentary. I gave him an invite saying that I was aware that this was not his production but I wanted him to have it. He thought the party was a lovely idea.

Rory Kinnear - Hamlet in Hamlet. I just told him his production was fantastic and it was a shame it had been relegated to the Lyttelton - it was bigger and better in the Olivier. But that Rory's interpretation was excellent and had got me excited about Hamlet again. I gave him an invitation, again saying it wasn't his production but I wanted him to have an invite.

Alex Waldmann - He is in The Holy Rosenbergs and is my hot tip for the next big thing. I looked him up in the programme and realised that he has actually done shedloads of theatre before - my ignorance. All the cast on The Holy Rosenbergs are outstanding, but Alex in particular stood out for me. He was amazing. Again, I explained that it was not his production but I wanted him to have an invitation and he seemed really chuffed. He was really very sweet indeed - he had me at hello and I have fallen for his understated charm and humility big time! Go Alex!

Prasanna Puwanarajah - Guildenstern in Hamlet. I got his autogrpah. I had wanted to give him an invite but by then I was down to my last two and I had to hold them back for Mr Cumberbatch (I had saved 10 for him, but the rush of actors at the Stage Door had depleted my supplies!).

Moving onto Frankenstein:

Nick Dear the playwright came out and I got his autograph on my programme. I gave him an invite. I didn't mention the fact that I was heart broken that he had written my beloved Victor right out of the production!

Danny Boyle was there! I was in awe. I started in my usual style "I am having a party on closing night ..." and he cut me off and said "Yes I have heard about this - are you the lady from the Home Office?". I said yes I was. He said it was a sweet, lovely and generous thing to do but he couldn't make it as he was out of the country. He only took one invitation and said he might give it to his son. I said "But I want you to have it!". I told him I loved 127 Hours especially the desert sequences, the like of which I had not seen since Lawrence of Arabia - he smiled and said thank you. Then I got his autograph on my programme and then I said what I had really wanted to tell him was that I had been banging on about the National Theatre for 20 years, my parents were GPs based up in Birmingham, and that for the first time in 20 years they were coming to the National to see his production! He said "are they really coming to see my production?" and I said "yes"!. As he was hurrying away I pressed another invite into his hand and said I really wanted him to have another invite as, after all, it was his production.

Karl Johnson - De Lacey in Frankenstein. I have been waiting for Karl forever and a day as I love his work but I didn't want to bother him for an autograph as he seemed keen to get away and I could not give him an invite either as I was down to my last two (which I was saving for Mr Cumberbatch).

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It's wonderful that you got to meet Danny Boyle AND Nick Dear AND Karl Johnson!!! And I think it's just wonderful that the great Danny Boyle knows who you are! I would just be beside myself if that happened to me! :D

Yes I am a big Danny Boyle fan. He was - and is - lovely. I have the utmost respect and admiration for him.

At least you gave Benedict the photocopied invite before – so he knows all about the party already. He has absolutely no excuse not to attend... :-))

He now has a posh invite - hooray!

But I have no expectations of him coming to the party. He has better things to do!

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