Kim (badapplebettie) wrote in mycroft_brolly,

Tornadoes are teh suck.

Survived the tornadoes that ripped through NC on Saturday afternoon. Just got power back this morning, but considering we were told not to expect service to be restored until Tuesday night, I feel very fortunate. Even more fortunate that my house is still intact. Several people I know were not so lucky.

Heard that flights out of New York were delayed and cancelled in some cases due to things being so messed up in the Southeast (love that domino effect) and at least one person missed seeing Frankenstein because their flight to London got cancelled. I can't imagine how disappointing that would be. She was saying that she and her husband were going to try to get day tickets for tomorrow's performance.

Now that I have my router back up and running, I can stop relying on the iPad to get online and do some of the work I need to do for the Undershaw benefit!
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