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Random connection

I’ve just realised that Nick Hytner directed one of my favourite versions of one of my favourite operas, Don Carlos at Covent Garden in 2008, with Rolando Villazon in the title role: Not the best of reviews, but article has photos by a familiar name – Catherine Ashmore, who of course more recently photographed Frankenstein. I saw this Don Carlos on television actually, but didn’t record it at the time, so was very pleased to discover that I can now order it on DVD:


Am on a bit of a random opera kick at the moment – saw Opera North's fun, modernised Carmen in Leeds last weekend and am going back to see Fidelio at the end of the month. Prior to this had not see opera live in a theatre since the mid 1980s, when I was a very cheap ticket buying friend of Covent Garden. :-)
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