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Walk for Life - Sunday 5th June 2011

Registration for the Walk for Life 2011 is now open. I have registered. Join me if you can!

Cut and pasted from the Walk for Life website:

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

It may be a myth that London’s streets are paved with gold, but for one special day in June you can help turn them into much needed funds and support for those living with HIV and AIDS.

On June 5th, thousands of like-minded people will take to the streets in an amazing, multi-coloured celebration of life and love, courage and determination. The fight against HIV and AIDS is far from over.

The theme for this year’s Walk is the Wizard of Oz, so feel free to let your imagination run wild! It’s a fantastic day out in the sunshine, and each step our Walkers take brings us closer to our goals of improving lives, encouraging good sexual health and offering direct support to the people who need it most.

This site should give you everything you need to get started. From registering as a Walker, to starting a team and tips on how to run a great sponsorship campaign, we hope that this year’s Walk will be bigger and better than ever.

Follow the link for all the details:
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