panijeziora (panijeziora) wrote in mycroft_brolly,

Heio all my pretties (and fuglies too! ;))

since i'm sick i just sit around doing nithing, so i made a few doddles just for you!

also i've been playing with my new screentones i got on sale last week :D

sooo..sick john with screentone!blanket, and worried sherlock :D (also their kitchen in the background)

bonus...sick!me XD

girls time:)..... i love au!gender :)

joan/jane : where is my jumper, bitch?
sheryl(?): i have no idea, darling :notice sarcasm:


sheryl and her great coat (and jane in background going 'jumpers! yeey!' in polish ;))

jane and her jumpers (hey! it rhymes!) and sheryl going :'coats are so much better')

and last but not the least:
dress uniform jacket john (say it three times as quick as you can ;))

ermm.. ignore flower in his hair, it started out as a different idea :D

Tags: art
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