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Gods Power Rangers - Red
panijeziora wrote in mycroft_brolly
Hello, this time i bring you even more doodles aaaaggaaainn! :)

i did them waiting for my dinner to cook today

because someone on deviantART said John is 'made out of fluff and kittens'; and image of John in jumper made of kittens wouldn't leave me for weeks now:

Sheryl & un-aired pilot!Anderson :D

sheryl: hmmm, most interesting...

sheryl: 'you appear not to have a brain, anderson'
anderson: >:(

short story about bra ;)

Jane: damnit, stupid bra!

Sheryl (curled on a chair): Really, Jane, you shouldn't bother...

Sheryl: I have simple solution!
Jane: Is that right?

Sheryl: No bra!
Jane: SHERYL!!!

hahaha, sorry about the last one ;)

enjoy :kisses:


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