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Sorry to been missing for so long,

but this is life, when one thing goes to sh** all else fallows :/ (so it was, in convenient timeline: my camera, my net, my job, my home, in one word 'yeeey'!, but now everything is allright again! i got a new full-time job, and found a room i still need new camera and net connection, but it can come in later weeks :))

I come bearing lots of doodles and even more to come!

first my most recent work, poor jobless john, i know how he feels! (holding all those bills :()

Sherlock as a bee:

John squished in tube (thats how piccadilly line felt last weekend when the closed victoria XD)

Zombie!Moriarty....errrmm, just because?

Mycroft ver.1

price!John and frog!Sherlock (see how cute a frog with curls looks like :D)

doodle for my friend's Mary (lastdreamer21) birthday

Sherlock with tamed hair :D

drunk!Mycroft (probably at lastdreamer21's party XD)

two un-related doodles of Moriarty skipping in La-la-la-Land and angry!John

Mycroft ver2



John again:D (i always forget which shoulder he was shot in, left or right :/, also, you can't see but i draw him a pair of very hairy tights :D)

vampire!Sherlock & werewolf!John

squishy nose kisses! :D

You know in un-aired Pilot, near the end Sherlock says "You killed a man" and John is like "Blah blah blah, I will sleep fine tonight"
yeah, he will:

Sketch for a bigger picture, with Knight!John, medusa!moriarty and king!Sherlock :D

postcards sketches (i will be selling postcards (mainly sherlock and acd!sherlock holmes), anyone interested?)

and close-up on john, since he looks so cute here!

Whitehead!Holmes and Pickering!Watson

orginals XD

(i swear, in this 'verse, they do not know words 'personal space', seriously!)

uuuuuurggh, that waas loooooooooong post.
I will be able to answer all comms and massagers up until friday evening, then probably at friday or saturday next week, sorry :)
love all!
and of course enjoy!
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