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The Umbrella Organisation

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The Day of the Doctor: A very quick and personal reaction
Me with Red Ribbon
rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
Matt Smith and David Tennant: Together at last!
Photo credit: http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2013/11/09/watch-the-trailer-for-doctor-who-the-day-of-the-doctor

I saw an encore screening of The Day of the Doctor at the Brixton Ritzy today (Sunday 24 November) and I thought I would post a very quick and personal reaction to it.

For me, Doctor Who has always been primarily about the character and the personality of the Doctor - that is what draws me in and keeps me watching. The Doctor is by far and away the most important aspect of Doctor Who for me, not the science fiction, not the science, not the monsters and villains, and not the travelling companions. I have never really understood the science that goes on in Doctor Who nor the scientific explanations that the Doctor provides. And I have traditionally always preferred the historical rather than the futuristic episodes, especially when they are dealing with British history.

The Day of the Doctor episode reinforced for me that Matt Smith is the best ever Doctor Who. Matt is "my" Doctor - he is my favourite Doctor Who. When Matt leaves the show, I will be heartbroken :(

Photo credit: http://comicbook.com/blog/2013/10/16/doctor-who-the-day-of-the-doctor-stills-bring-together-smith-tennant-hurt/

The part that I liked best about this particular episode was the joint introduction to the episode by Matt Smith and David Tennant. It was upbeat and funny - just perfect (I have just realised this intro was only shown as part of the cinema screening - it was not on the televised version). More generally, the highlights of this episode for me were when Matt Smith and David Tennant were sharing the screen, interacting with eachother, and playing off eachother. They had a real chemistry and a real spark, and watching them onscreen together was an absolute joy.

One of the main themes of this episode that I connected with, and related to, was about making choices, taking decisions, and doing the right thing. The very heavy responsibility of living with the choices you make, and the decisions you take, for the rest of your life. Luckily for the Doctor, he can go back and change his mind, mere mortals such as you and I do not have that luxury! Which makes it all the more important that you make your choices carefully, you think long and hard before you make a decision, and you ensure that you are doing the right thing not making things worse, because you will have to live with those choices and those decisions for the rest of your life, and they will be on your conscience and imprinted onto your heart.

I very much empathised with one of the key themes in the episode which was all about the importance of "Home" and how there is no place like home. For the Doctor "home" is Gallifrey, for me it is England/Britain :)

Finally, a small gripe. I personally felt bad that space was not found within the episode for the other Doctors who are still alive and who wanted to be a part of the 50th anniversary. I realise how difficult it would be to incorporate them all in one episode but I would have liked the writers to use their creativity to find a way of doing so. Tom Baker was privileged with an appearance - I appreciate that many people consider Tom to be the best ever Doctor but I am not in that category! I did not watch the programme when Tom was playing the Doctor out of choice, but I did tune in very regularly for Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy (I like to be different!).




You can read more about Doctor Who here:
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Agree that Matt Smith is/has been fabulous. I have grown to prefer him in the role to David Tennant – but it was most amusing to see the two of them together. :-)

As someone old enough to remember even the first Doctor, I did think it more than a little mean that all those ex Doctor actors still living could not have been involved personally in the actual episode. However Christopher Eccleston emphatically didn't want to be, and the rest don't look quite as dapper as they did in their day! Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester MoCoy and Paul McGann filmed a fun supporting contribution together, also involving Steven Moffat and featuring John Barrowman http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01m3kfy Tom Baker now ought to be given his own spin off show called The Curator. :-))

I do like the fact that the storyline has been altered so that the Doctor can find his home again sometime. I expect he'll do so just in time to be rewarded by the grateful Time Lords of Gallifrey with a new quota of regenerations to keep him going on the telly for another fifty years. :-)

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