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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Filth starring James McAvoy
Me with Red Ribbon
rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
Filth_Quad_Art 4_RGB
Photo credit: http://www.filthmovie.co.uk/

I finally got around to seeing Filth on Monday 4 November and I would be failing in my duties if I didn't do a short blog post to say that this film is just brilliant and, if you get a chance to go and see it, you really should! It shook me to the core and I would argue it is a must-see. James McAvoy is absolutely riveting as Bruce Robertson in the lead role. Get your tickets in now!

Short synopsis of Filth, taken from the film's official website:

Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson wants a promotion. He is clearly the best man for the job - the rest of his colleagues are just idiots.

Annoyingly, there's been a murder and Bruce's boss wants results. No problem for Bruce. He's in control and when he solves the case and wins the promotion, his wife will return to him. No problem.

But is life that simple? Is Bruce the man he really thinks he is? The tragic, hilarious and memorable answers unfold in FILTH...


My Twitter review:

LOVED @FilthTheMovie :) Funny. Engrossing. Mesmerising. Dark (very!). Disturbing. Thought-provoking. And boy it packs a punch! #FILTH

You can find out more about the film on the film's official website. Follow the link below:

In conclusion: What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and go and see Filth now!


Photo credit: http://www.filthmovie.co.uk/

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Long gone from our cinema, alas, as I had just about plucked up the courage to go see it despite (or perhaps because of) daughter telling it wasn't for me. :-) When it was being screened here, the fact was that Sunshine on Leith had me spellbound. Will have to wait for dvd...

That is fine! This film will be just as good on DVD as it is on a big screen. In fact, I think it will have even more power and impact if you watch this at home on your own, not with a wider audience. But - as I said - it shook me to my very foundations. You have been warned!

I know you will absolutely hate me but that is another fringe benefit of living in London - it is difficult, if not impossible, to "miss" a film, as it is always playing somewhere in London. I myself had missed this at my local Picturehouse cinemas (Brixton and Clapham) but I tracked it down in the West End!

Unsure why your daughter said it wasn't for you?

Edited at 2013-11-06 07:14 pm (UTC)

Daughter is just trying to preserve my innocence. :-))

Somehow I think it is far too late for that! :)

In the words of Francis Urquhart, "I couldn't possibly comment..." :-))

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