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Pride in London 2013: Team GLEE @ PwC hit the Pride Parade!


Today (Saturday 29 June) was the day of the London Pride Parade in Central London.

The theme for this year's Pride Parade was Love and Marriage. The theme was chosen to celebrate the arrival of Equal Marriage in the UK and around the world and also the love and support that exist within and between the LGBT community and their friends and families. 150 groups took part in the Pride Parade this year.

I decided to walk with GLEE @ PwC as I did last year. I enjoyed being part of their group last year and so I returned to join their group again this year! :) Last year I did not make it into their group photo but this year I made sure that I did!

Here is Team GLEE @ PwC at the end of the Pride Parade March:

Photo courtesy GLEE @ PwC and Andy Woodfield

Who are GLEE @ PwC?


Pride in London is now planned, organised, run and delivered by a not-for-profit community group which aims to be fully inclusive and represent all of London's LGBT community. Follow the link to the Official Pride in London website with all the info about Pride in London:
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