Lili (chiiyo) wrote in mycroft_brolly,

Cabin Pressure Fanart

As the date draws nearer to Cabin Pressure on the Royal Wedding Day, I'm getting all hyped up and listening to the Cabin Pressure I have on hand! I managed to embarrass myself utterly when the Christmas Cabin Pressure reached the 7-minute christmas bit when I was in the lift this morning going up to my office and I couldn't stop laughing uncontrollably in front of ten other office-types groggily trying to get to work. Hahahaha.

To commemorate that, I shall link a very very nice piece of Cabin Pressure fanart I found the other day: Go to Eastern-Passage's Post! Her art is generally amazing and I love how she's blended bits of the voice actors but also bits of their characters! Martin with freckles! Arthur with mismatched patterned socks! Douglas being a BAMF! And Carolyn feeling very much like Mrs Hudson! Do click to see it and leave her a nice comment!
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