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Rakshita (Raks) Patel

Valentines Day: Dedicated to those who have loved and lost

So Far Gone, by James Blunt

On Valentines Day, I decided not to do a traditional (hearts and flowers) post but a more realistic post. I am dedicating it to all those out there who have loved and lost - including me!

One of my favourite music artists is James Blunt. "So Far Gone" is one of my favourite James Blunt tracks because, although simply heart-breaking, I connected with the lyrics so powerfully when I first heard it.

These key lyrics in particular really speak to me:

We tried our best to find us
But there are no lights to guide us
I can't sleep beside a stranger now

Piece by piece we fall apart
With every beat slows down my heart

I've tried hard to remember
This prison cell used to be a shelter
Now we're just looking for the best way out
And I can't fight you anymore
You're already one foot out the door

© James Blunt

To everyone spending Valentines Day on their own - including me! - just remember - you are not alone! :)
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