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NT Live Today: The Magistrate, National Theatre (Thurs 17 Jan)

Illustration © Gerald Scarfe
Photo credit: http://www.fact.co.uk/whats-on/nt-live-the-magistrate

The Magistrate gets its NT Live today, so it will be broadcast live from the National Theatre into cinemas across the UK and around the world.

Cut and pasted from the National Theatre Website:

The Magistrate
by Arthur Wing Pinero

With his louche air and a developed taste for smoking, gambling, port and women, it’s hard to believe Cis Farringdon is only fourteen. And that’s because he isn’t. Agatha his mother lopped five years from her true age and his when she married the amiable Posket.

The imminent arrival of Cis’ godfather sends Agatha incognito to the Hôtel des Princes to warn him of her deception. But it’s also where her son has cajoled his otherwise staid stepfather into joining him for a binge.

High-spirited carousing leads to a police raid and a night of outrageous mishap as the trapped guests make desperate attempts to conceal themselves from the law and from each other. Indignities escalate at court the next day where Posket, the police magistrate, must preside.

John Lithgow takes the title role in this fast, furious, brilliantly plotted farce set in Victorian London; he is joined by Nancy Carroll.

The trailer is here:

For full production details follow the link:

The NT Live website, where you can find out more information about the production and also find your nearest cinema showing NT Live, is here:

Raks's says

Comedy and, more than that, farce is not really my cup of tea and is definitely not my favourite genre by a long long way. However, One Man, Two Guvnors completely took me by surprise and it proved to be one of my favourite shows. It is a show that I still recommend to visitors to London who are looking for a good old-fashioned fun night out. I therefore went along to see The Magistrate on Saturday 22 December with a completely open mind.

To start with the positive. The set design on this production is, quite simply, outstanding - it is breath-taking. The costumes are amazing. Joshua McGuire plays Cis Farringdon and he was just excellent as always (I first saw him live in Posh and he was fab in that too). Joshua definitely deserves a special mention for his performance which is bang on the money.

However, for me, having seen the production I just left the theatre feeling very empty and disappointed. It is a farce, a romp, but there was no meat for the brain, nothing that would make you stop and think. It had no substance. I think the National Theatre is, and should be, so much better than that.

For that reason, one viewing was more than enough and I will be giving this NT Live a miss (the first one I will have missed in ages). Sorry National Theatre.
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