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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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The Return of Cabin Pressure, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC Radio 4
Me with Red Ribbon
rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

The only regular series that I listen to on the Radio - Cabin Pressure - returned to BBC Radio 4 last night for its 4th series.

Cut and pasted from the BBC Radio 4 Website:

Cabin Pressure is a sitcom about the wing and a prayer world of a tiny, one plane, charter airline; staffed by two pilots: one on his way down, and one who was never up to start with. Whether they’re flying squaddies to Hamburg, metal sheets to Mozambique, or an oil exec’s cat to Abu Dhabi, no job is too small, but many, many jobs are too difficult.

It’s written by John Finnemore, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam and Stephanie Cole.

The Cabin Pressure Website is here:

You can listen to the first episode of Series 4 here:

If you have never listened to Cabin Pressure before, you are in for a real treat!

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Even my husband listens to Cabin Pressure. It's an absolute gem. :-)

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