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Lobby Equalities Minister now and help secure Equal Love and Equal Marriage for All

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Cut and pasted from the Peter Tatchell Foundation:

Lobby Equalities Minister for full equality
Help us secure equal civil marriage & civil partnership for all

Within the next four weeks, the government is expected to announce its response to the public consultation on legalising same-sex marriage. The consultation resulted in a staggering 228,000 responses; many of them hostile to equal marriage.

“While the government’s commitment to legislate same-sex civil marriage is commendable, it is very disappointing that the Equalities Minister, Maria Miller MP, has not yet indicated her support for the legalisation of opposite-sex civil partnerships and of religious same-sex marriages by faith organisations that want to conduct them. Half equality is not good enough,” said Peter Tatchell, Director of the London-based human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, and coordinator of the Equal Love campaign.

“There are probably only two to four weeks left until the government announces its legislative plans.

“It is vital that we keep the government under pressure to honour its pledge to allow same-sex civil marriages and to not cave in to backbench MP and religious pressure to shelve or dilute its promise of marriage equality by 2015,” said Mr Tatchell.

We are asking people to email Maria Miller, the Equalities Minister. Please follow the link for suggested wording for the email and the email address:

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