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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
Quick announcement.

My party post has been deleted off Mycrofting and I have been told that it will not be reinstated. This is a joke and a personal insult to me.

LJ users who have launched hate campaigns against me have been allowed onto Mycrofting as members.

I have exited Mycrofting. If you have any respect for me as a person please do the same - leave Mycrofting with immediate effect.

UPDATE - I have just been told that I have been banned from Mycrofting. Yes I have been banned from a com that I created, set up, developed etc. Please leave Mycrofting NOW.

Thank you.

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I never joined the Mycrofting community in the first place, because it became so confrontational. As a quiet member of several communities, and watcher of others, I want no part in that. Whilst utterly understanding your personal fury, I would like to retain a neutral stance on the subject overall.

There is currently much duplication of material between Sherlock/Benedict-related communities and sites. Personally I intend to wait for things to settle down for a while before deciding which ones to continue to follow or not. Maybe I'll get banned by them all before I decide, for not contributing! I'm an individual with little in the way of pack instinct in any area of my life. As such I relate better to individuals than to groups. I hope you understand that I can be a friend without 'taking sides'. :-)

I'm am however very sorry if all this Mycrofting mess impacts detrimentally on the party. That would be everybody's loss. :-/

I know you are my friend. You have made a fantastic input into this site and com - I know it and I appreciate it. All your comments are intelligent and well thought out and perfect. I love you!

The party is going ahead and lots of people are coming to the party. The people who are coming to the party are my friends, family, contacts and connections, from the myriad and diverse activities (work and social) that I engage in. Those people know me, like me, respect me, and are coming for me, to support me.

Those are the people I want at the party. The party will be for them.

And I will never again throw an open invite party for Cumberbatchfans. A handful of people appreciated all the time and effort I had put in - most people were just negative and sniped at me. No one stopped them from throwing a party. They should have thought that is a nice thing to do (Benedict did!), not criticised.

From now on, my parties are for people who know me and I like. They are the people who deserve the parties. I include you in that category!

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