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56th BFI London Film Festival opens tomorrow, 10-21 October 2012

Photo credit: http://www.filmfestivalposters.com/2012/09/bfi-london-film-festival-2012.html

YES, it is here, the highlight of the London Film Calendar is FINALLY upon us, and the London Film Festival opens tomorrow.

The London Film Festival is here, where you can browse the full programme:

I am seeing 14 films in total - 4 more than last year - and I promise to write-up those films that inspire and move me. This year, I am seeing a lot more "political" films, and being a lot more adventurous, and a lot less "Hollywood", than in the past!

This is what I will be seeing in the order in which I will be seeing them:

The Hunt:
A distressing examination of a false indictment, and the collective hysteria that ensues, in this electrifying drama from Thomas Vinterberg.

BAFTA award-winning director Nick Murphy returns to the Festival with a gripping cop thriller exploring issues of morality and masculinity.

Roman Polanski takes on Thomas Hardy in his luminous adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, with an unforgettable 17-year-old Nastassja Kinski in the tragic title role.

Richard III:
Arguably the greatest Shakespearean performance on screen, as Olivier exudes pure satanic evil as the king who woos and murders his way to the English throne.

A Respectable Family:
Iranian cinema delivers another jolting piece of suspense and social commentary with this gripping tale of a college professor returning to confront his family after 22 years abroad.

A pertinent and hilarious political comedy set in Seattle.

Fill the Void:
A masterpiece of forbidden love set in the unlikeliest of surroundings in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community.

The Patience Stone:
Roman Polanski meets the Taliban in this unforgettable account of a beautiful Afghan woman who indulges her most secret desires in the most dangerous of places.

Hold Back:
Fearless, inventive filmmaking featuring frequent moments that surprise and disarm.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist:
A young man’s identity pivots between a glittering stockbroker career in New York and his home culture thousands of miles away in Pakistan.

Black Rock:
Three young women fight for their lives when their camping holiday is invaded by three maniacal ex-soldiers.

Simon Killer:
The charming façade of a young sociopath slowly unravels in this provocative and visually arresting drama.

Winter of Discontent:
Ibrahim El-Batout delivers a searing account of the root causes of the Egyptian revolution with this hard-hitting political thriller.

Great Expectations (Closing Night Gala Film, starring Ralph Fiennes):
Mike Newell’s new adaptation of the classic novel stars Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch and Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham.

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