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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Cabin Pressure Recording 29th April
bui, usual
chiiyo wrote in mycroft_brolly

(Image from John Finnemore's blog)

theanniemal and I managed to get tickets to go see the Cabin Pressure recording on the Royal Wedding day (29th April)!! After which we're meeting rakspatel for dinner at the National Theatre and then we're going to watch Frankenstein after that!!! :DDD We're both super excited now! It really couldn't be a better day.

Is anyone else going for Cabin Pressure that day?? :DD Did anyone go for today's Cabin Pressure recording? How was it? Let's start a conversation about Cabin Pressure!

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Also, you probably already saw it, but there's a CP post over on CumberbatchFans where I think folks who are going are making plans to meet up. I realize the focus is on the recordings taking place this week but I'm sure there will be some other folks who will be going to the one on the 29th.

Yup! I saw that! Even met a girl from Japan who is going to the same recording and the same Frankenstein. :D

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