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Film trailer released for real-life story of two gay teenagers publicly hung in Iran

Photo credit: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/public-hanging-film-highlight-plight-gay-iranians190912-0?utm

Cut and pasted from GayStarNews (GSN):

A film based on the shocking true story of an Iranian teenager, hung in public with his partner for being gay, aims to highlight the hardships faced by people in Iran.

The movie, called Sin - Based On A True Story, is trying to raise $100,000, to tell the story of the events leading up to and after the public hanging in 2005 of one of the boys who was hung alongside his partner.

Film maker Wajahat Ali Abbas, is using crowd funding website Kickstart.com to raise the money needed to put the film into full production.

Images of the hanging were broadcast around the world in 2005, bringing Iran international condemnation and highlighted the country's laws. Under Islamic law (Sharia), homosexuality is punishable by death. Many LGBT Iranians are forced to flee and seek asylum.

Check out Sin's Kickstart page, which includes full details about the film, including what the film is about, how the film is different, and why they need to make the film, plus the trailer:

Follow the link to the full GSN feature:
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