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Equal Partners Campaign: Sign our Petition now!, courtesy The Independent


Photo credit: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/campaigns/equal_partners/sign-our-petition-now-8144881.html

Cut and pasted from The Independent website:

Same-sex couples are more than equal partners in a relationship; they are our equal partners in society. People should be allowed to marry regardless of their sexuality. The institution of marriage can only be strengthened through sexual equality.

Sign the petition to say:
- Civil marriages should be extended to homosexual couples.
- Religious institutions should be free to marry homosexual couples.
- With cross-party consensus, both the above should be on Britain’s statute book.

With your help, we can deliver a powerful message to a political class too cowardly to push these historic reforms through. It’s easy: just sign today at independentvoices.com

"I support equal marriage for same-sex couples". Sign the petition now! Follow the link to check out the campaign and to sign the petition:

Raks's Says:
Great campaign, great petition, SIGN now!
Tags: big society, lgbt, politics
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