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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Mr Cumberbatch receives his party invite
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
Today, Sunday, I was at All Souls for their morning service and then at Frankenstein at the National - Benedict as Creature.

I went to the stage door afterwards and whilst I did not have a posh invite - they don't arrive till Wednesday - I gave Benedict an A4 colour printout - the invite has now gone round my friends and family, some National staff and it has been posted on the internet, so I thought it only fair Benedict knew about it!

I told him about the party and he smiled and said "that is so kind - thank you so so much". He was touched.

I also gave him a copy of Mark Gatiss's speech to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London at their Annual Dinner.

I watched Mr Cumberbatch - I was one of the first in line and he held onto all the material I had given him right the way through all the autographs. He went into the stage door and did not bin them. He put them in his satchel, put the satchel over his arm, and walked off with the Mark Gatiss speech and the invite.

I just know that he is going to love Mark's speech - it is a work of genius!

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I am consistently impressed by how genuine Benedict seems. Every fan account I've read has noted his friendliness and appreciation for his fans. It's very refreshing. God knows he could be an arrogant jerk and there are many who would be in his position. Sudden fame and lots of enthusiastic fans and all. But he seems to be a very down-to-earth person, not to mention hard-working! Just thinking about his schedule makes me tired.

I cannot keep up with the Japanese Bullet Train that is Benedict Cumberbatch!

Let's be honest, he could have gone off to Hollywood to make million dollar movies without a backward glance to Blighty.

Instead he is giving up 3 months of his precious time to kill himself at the National doing a high energy production because a) he is putting his money where his mouth is and wants to back subsidised theatre and b) he wants to be taken seriously as a theatre actor.

I have been having a tough time re the invite on Cumberbatchfans but when Benedict said what he did, and was so appreciative and touched, all that melted away.

At the end of the day, I am throwing the party for the National and Benedict and as long as they are happy (they are!) I don't really care what other people think.

I'm really pleased to hear that you had this lovely interaction at the stage door. If BC hasn't read MG's clever speech before, he's in for a treat! :-)

I am 95% sure he hasn't. Mark gave it at the Society Dinner in 2006. Then it was lost. It has just recently resurfaced (Roger gave it to me on 17 March, the day of NT Live Benedict as Creature). It has not been published on the Society website only on LJ. Which means that I am 95% sure that this will be the first time Benedict has read it. He is going to love it!

did i confirm im coming? no? yes?
well, i am if im still invited :D
also, go mr. beneditc! :)

Yes you have confirmed that you can come. What I need to know is - are you bringing any friends? If so how many?

Are you interested in a backstage tour?

Do you want food?

But, yes I agree 100%, Mr Cumberbatch is a darling. He is just the genuine article - so polite and well brought up and yes he looks EVEN better in real life than he does on the screen!

And he is really natural with his fans.

Jonny is so shy - but also equally appreciative. I did say to him that he was amazing and he said "oh, thank you so much".

I just adore the pair of them! - they are very sweet together!

only person im bringing is myself, although i can ask mary (lastdreamer)if she wants to come as my +1, will tell you today or tomorrow, for sure.
backstage tour HELL YEAH I AM! XD
food would have been nice but not necessary,
what kind of dress code you plan, casual, formal-casual, formal ;) ?

Dress to impress!

I am wearing a sparkly Indian invite.

(Deleted comment)
Benedict is awesome yes.

Why wouldn't I share on my own com with my own members?

What I wanted to say to you theanniemal was THANK YOU so much for trying to help me out on Cumberbatchfans in my absence. I was at a Church service, then Frankenstein, then the stage door, and whilst all that was going on you were singlehandedly defending me on Cumberbatchfans. I massively appreciated that. Dancy did her best too - I appreciated that.

As I have said once before, you have backbone, you have integrity, you stand up for yourself, you stand up for me. I wish there were more like you! You were one of the people I meant who took the time and the trouble to defend me on Mycrofting. The other one knows who she is! (she is a member here).


(Deleted comment)
Exactly - I couldn't have put it better myself.

Aww man, he's so sweet! :DD Can't wait for the party and can't wait to meet everyone there!

Brilliant - it would help me out on Cumberbatchfans if you, theanniemal, and badapplebettie RSVPed as you have done over here. But only do so if you are comfortable doing so.

Just saw this and put in my RSVP.

Thank you for your support.

Other Cumberbatchfans are now coming on board in support of the party.

Edited at 2011-04-11 06:11 am (UTC)

Theanniemal has already done her bit - more than I could ask in fact!

It would be good if you brought your postivity and your enthusiasm about the party over on to Cumberbatchfans.

omg!! i love benedict! and you spoke to him?! yayyy!!!

I have spoken to Benedict a few times.

The best time was the first time I saw him play Creature. I went to the stage door. He was signing. I said "I have been a priority member at the National for 20 years and I have seen 80% of the productions they put on here". He smiled. I said "I also do the rounds of London theatres". He said "That's nice". I said "And what I wanted to tell you Benedict - was what you fronted on the Olivier stage tonight - I have not seen the like of that in 20 years." He said "Really?". I said "Yes". He said "Oh my God. Thank you very much Rakshita".


Awww lucky you! He sounds really friendily which is nice and so sweet!

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