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Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall

Photo credit: http://blueorangetheplay.com/

Cut and pasted from the Blue/Orange website:

Blue / Orange
Written by Joe Penhall

A thrilling psychological play, Blue/Orange was instantly recognised as a landmark event, winning every major award for Best New Play. Now, Theatre Royal Brighton Productions brings this exhilarating piece to a new national audience in a fresh production created by Artistic Director Christopher Luscombe and starring Robert Bathurst.

Blue/Orange is the electrifying story of Christopher (Oliver Wilson), who believes that a notorious military dictator is his father. In the battle of wills his psychiatrist Robert (Robert Bathurst) plans to thrust him back into the community, but a young doctor (Gerard McCarthy) thinks this is too soon.

A compelling and witty battle of freedom and ambition unfolds.

This is the trailer:

For full production details, and to buy tickets, follow the link:

The production is on a UK National Tour and will tour to the following places - Brighton, Bromley, Aylesbury, Glasgow, Torquay, Richmond, York, Manchester, Woking, Stoke on Trent and Birmingham.

Raks's Says

I am HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommending this play. It is written by Joe Penhall who I believe to be a genius! I saw the original production at the National in 2000 a few times, I saw its West End transfer, and I have seen every single London revival of it that I have been aware of. The play is intelligent and thought-provoking drama. Highly recommended - go see!

I have a ticket to see it when it comes to Richmond - I am also tempted to buy a ticket to see it in Bromley!
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