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Sherlock Series 3: Episode Title Clues - Rat, Wedding, Bow

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Cut and pasted from the Radio Times Website:

Rat, Wedding, Bow - the words that hint at the themes for each of the next three Sherlock episodes have been revealed. But what do they mean?

Rat, Wedding and Bow were the three words revealed by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss at the Edinburgh TV Festival Sherlock Masterclass, supposedly hinting at the themes of each of the third season's episodes. But what could they mean?

The first thing that springs to my mind when I hear the word Rat in relation to a Sherlock Holmes story is The Boscombe Valley Mystery, in which a young man is implicated in his father's murder, the key to which is the true meaning of a dying reference to "a rat".

Next we have Wedding, which immediately suggests the marriage of Dr Watson to Mary Morstan, the heroine of The Sign of Four. Could this mean wedding bells for John? And if so, who might be the lucky lady?

Everyone's favourite lab geek Molly Hooper currently has a major crush on Sherlock, but some have suggested she might transfer her affections to John in the future. The argument goes as follows: Molly has a cat called Toby. Toby is the name of the bloodhound used by Holmes to track the villain in The Sign of Four. The Sign of Four is the story that introduces Mary Marston. Mary Marston later married John Watson.

Are these early clues left by Gatiss and Moffat for eagle-eyed fans to discover? Are they coincidences? Or are they the writers' cheeky attempts to throw us off the scent? I don't know, but I could have a good guess...

Finally, we have Bow, and this is the clue that could suggest we won't be seeing any more of Sherlock after series three. Is it a reference to bow-ties? We know from Doctor Who that Steven Moffat has a penchant for them. More likely, that's the wrong pronounciation and we're looking at His Last Bow, Holmes's final case, which sees the ageing detective - codenamed Altamont - going up against German spies as part of the British First World War effort.

Follow the link to the full feature:

Good feature also on Den of Geek:
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