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Mark Gatiss, Season's Greetings, National Theatre

Originally posted on 4 Feb

Season's Greetings, staring Mark Gatiss, is currently playing at the National Theatre, London. Full details are available here:

I went today and it was F**KING AMAZING!!!

For many years I have not been near an Ayckbourn because I didn't think it was for me. Bloody hell was I wrong. The writing is genius!!! And this production ROCKS BIG TIME. It is so much fun - in fact, I can't remember the last time I have had so much fun and laughed so much at the National. And the whole audience was the same!!! Forget Frankenstein, I internally combusted in my seat multiple times during this production. There are tickets available on all dates for the rest of its run - go and see it!!! I am seeing it again in a couple of weeks with two of my non-Sherlock friends. I saw it today with TurkFox - it was the last thing I arranged on Sherlocking before the site blew up in my face!!!

Anyway, as soon as I got home, I bought myself a ticket to the closing night of the production. I want to be at the closing night party. I am going to be at the closing night party!!!

Mr Gatiss is outstanding and his puppet show is just priceless. And I have the photos of him doing his puppet show which I now want to keep all to myself!!! (don't worry, I am going to post the photos when I do my write-up of the Mark Gatiss talk happening at the National next Wednesday. The National were kind enough to give me the photos to accompany my piece).

I waited for Mr Gatiss at the stage door (he was completely oblivious to the fact that I was coming and as to who I was!!!). I introduced myself, referenced UPT and we had a good 5 minute conversation about UPT and Sherlock stuff generally (including the Sherlock Holmes Society, London and the Society's editor Roger whom we both know). I am trying to locate the speech that Mr Gatiss gave at the Sherlock Holmes Society, London Annual Dinner a few years ago. Roger, the editor of the Society's Journal, has a transcript but he has builders in at the moment and cannot locate said transcript. This is the Adventure of the Lost Transcript. Mr Gatiss looked embarassed and said that he thinks it is on an old computer!!! So no luck there then. Mr Gatiss also said that it was bound to be in a dusty archive somewhere and I said yes it was, the dusty archive being Roger's house!!!

I showed him my red doorstop the Complete Sherlock Holmes which he had signed for me at the Clapham event. This time I had brought with me Arthur and George by Julian Barnes (if you have not read this, read it now!!!). He told me that he loves that book which made me happy as I love it to pieces too. However, he signed the book before I mentioned UPT so he must have wondered what the bloody hell I brought that book along for!!!

I was mega excited to finally meet my all time Idol and God and so yes I got a bit carried away - there were too many things I wanted to tell him!!! But UPT reps - the one thing that I did foist upon him was the email I sent to you all earlier this week - I just wanted him to know that we went live with the national and international network of UPT reps this week and I also wanted to let him know what we are doing on the Trust's behalf in his name!!!

Anyway, this was the first time I have been to a stage door in 20 years of London theatre going. And Mr Gatiss was an absolute gentleman - really really nice and super easy to talk to. YES I have fallen for Mr Gatiss BIG TIME!!!
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