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Brand New Elementary Promo courtesy Den of Geek

Photo credit: http://www.hypable.com/2012/05/16/elementary-releases-promo-images-official-synopsis/

Cut and pasted from Den of Geek:

The other modern-day Sherlock Holmes show, CBS’ Elementary, has released a new teaser trailer.

Sherlock Holmes is reimagined, reenergised, and completely rehabilitated according to the lively new 30-second glimpse of CBS’ Elementary.

The promo shows Jonny Lee Miller’s slightly manic Holmes first meeting Lucy Liu’s straight-man Watson, Holmes discovering a concealed safe room on a case, passing a drug test, and crashing a car.

Check the new promo trailer out here:

Elementary is due to premiere in the US on 27 September and soon afterwards in the UK on Sky Living.
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