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Rakshita (Raks) Patel

Stagework, National Theatre, and selected regional partners

I am going to recommend a website that I have not visited for a long time. It is called Stagework and it is here:


Stagework is a unique resource designed to make innovative theatre practice at the National Theatre and selected regional partners in England more widely available to new and existing audiences.

It goes behind the scenes to unpack the complex process of making theatre performance for the general theatre-goer, the life-long learner, and curricular audiences. It offers rich media content and curriculum resources based upon key productions for teachers and learners of English and Drama, Citizenship, and other subjects, enabling the use of theatre practice to stimulate and enhance creativity and the learning experience. It aims to increase the understanding of theatre as one of the creative industries, and open up young people to new career possibilities. The issues behind the productions are explored in depth.

And guess what? Rhinoceros is on there!!! (Why the hell didn't I know that?)!!!
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