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In Conversation with Christopher Eccleston, National Theatre: Thursday 19 July

Photo credit: http://www.theartsdesk.com/theatre/antigone-national-theatre

"In Conversation with ..." Christopher Eccleston at the National Theatre took place on Thursday 19 July. In conversations are afternoon interviews with members of the company, talking about their current role and career, and answering questions.

Christopher Eccleston is currently playing Creon in Antigone. See:

This is my write-up of the talk:
- Christopher used to be an usher at the National Theatre, selling programmes and ice-creams
- Let Him Have It was my breakthrough role.
- Coming to London was an adventure. Went into acting to escape a 9 to 5 job.
- Watching TV was an important part of my childhood.
- Writers are the most important component. Even the best actor will struggle with a poor script.
- I loved playing the Doctor and would have loved to have finessed the role over a couple more series
- Planning for theatre to be my mainstay from now on.
- Advice for young actors = follow your heart.
- I appreciate, and work best under, a collaborative creative process.
- Would like to do Shakespeare, possibly Macbeth.
- For actors with integrity, acting should be about the Art, not about the money or the power.

Christopher Eccleston. In summary, I have always appreciated and enjoyed his work but never been a fan - until I saw and heard this talk! I thought he was relaxed; warm; outgoing; friendly; giving; entertaining; funny; truthful; passionate; and adorable! Go Christopher Eccleston - you just acquired a new fan!

You can listen to the whole talk yourself as the National Theatre have posted the podcast. It is here:
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