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55 days, Hampstead Theatre

I am rerunning this feature as it was announced yesterday that Mark Gatiss will be starring in this production, playing King Charles I.

Photo credit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00vcwm7

Cut and pasted from the Hampstead Theatre website:

55 Days by Howard Brenton
Directed by Howard Davies
18 October - 24 November

December 1648.

The army has occupied London.

Parliament votes not to put the imprisoned King on trial, so the army moves against Westminster and the only military coup in English history takes place. But the army leadership remains divided: Cromwell would prefer a compromise with the King, but the King will not compromise.

A new nation must therefore be forged…and over 55 days, an entirely new world is created.

Follow the link for more details and to book tickets:

Raks's Says - I am recommending this purely on the basis that I love this period of English history!
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