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Help gay soldier marriage video win short film award, courtesy Gay Star News

Photo credit: http://theeverydaygay.com/2012/watch-uk-soldier-propose-to-partner-video/

I have tweeted this and voted for it because, having seen it, I loved it!

Cut and pasted from Gay Star News:

Share, 'like' or tweet equal marriage film "Homecoming" for chance to see it shown in cinemas across the UK.

A marriage equality video which shows a British soldier proposing to his boyfriend has been entered into a short film competition, voted for by the public.

The video from pro-gay campaign group Coalition for Equal Marriage went viral on YouTube when it was released in April and has now been viewed over 795,000 times.

Makers of the clip, created to garner public support for the introduction of same-sex marriage in the UK, are calling on fans to help it be crowned the Virgin Media Shorts Award's 'lucky 13th film' to be screened with 12 others in cinemas around Britain.

To vote for the film, supporters should 'like' or share it on the competition's website between now and 19 July. You can also tweet it out using the hashtag #ShortsLucky13 and saying the full name of the film.

Read the full article, see the video, and vote for the film, here:
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