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National Theatre - American Express Partnership

On 5 March, the National launched a three-year partnership with American Express. It involves AmEx supporting the NT in various ways; including significant financial support and sponsoring one play a year for the next three years. In times of cuts in government funding to the arts, the NT is very grateful that AmEx are keen to be involved in this way. The commitment of their corporate partners is vital in enabling the National to thrive.

One of the benefits to AmEx of the partnership is that the National Theatre will participate in AmEx’s ‘Preferred Seating’ scheme. This will give AmEx card holders a short window of opportunity to book for NT shows ahead of the general public, but after the members’ booking period. The National are keen to emphasise that membership benefits are unaffected.

Nicholas Hytner, Director of the National Theatre, said: “The loyalty and commitment of our corporate partners is vital in enabling the National to thrive; the generosity of American Express will help us to continue programming an exciting and adventurous repertoire for the widest possible audience.”

Basically, this is a HUGE deal and I am hoping that it will mean that the National can keep its ticket prices at their current levels, which effectively mean that they are the best bargain in London. Congratulations to Nick and the team at the National for landing such a great corporate deal!!!
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