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London Hosts WorldPride - Saturday 7 July 2012

Photo credit: http://www.whensallymetsally.co.uk/news/uk/pride-london-apologise-world-pride-confusion-and-chaos/

This Saturday (7 July), the main London Pride march and rally will be taking place.

The Pride London march and rally has encountered a number of serious financial issues this year and the event taking place on Saturday is not the event we all wanted and hoped for. However, I do not want to run a negative story. I think it is important that as many people as possible turn out to march/walk as part of Pride London on Saturday 7 March.

The official Pride London website, with all the information and the details that you need if you are joining the march/rally, is here:

As it says on the Pride London website:
London and UK’s LGBT community has never been one to flounder in the face of adversity. Despite the changes in the past week, we urge all members of the community to come out in force and support WorldPride and do the very best they can. Forty years on from the very first Pride London march, we need to show that this fighting spirit from 1972 lives on. Not just for us, but for our brothers and sisters across the world who are still fighting for their rights to be human, their rights to love and the decriminalization of homosexuality in the place that they live.

Raks's Story

This year, WorldPride is led by London as we have the Olympics. I normally go to Pride Marches on my own (must be the only one to do so!) but this year I am very proud to be part of the GLEE @ PwC World Pride 100 walking group. The choice was a no-brainer for me. I am passionate about GLEE and its vision about celebrating difference and diversity, bringing the whole you (the real you to work), and about empowering people to be the best that they can be.

Information on GLEE @ PwC can be found here:

Pride for me is not a big party - it is a public political statement that I am backing equality and equal rights and proactively fighting discrimination. This year, it is even more meaningful and more important as it will have a strong political message. That message is that we are asking for the decriminalisation of homosexuality throughout the Commonwealth. London is the symbolic starting point for this campaign as many of the Commonwealth countries still criminalise homosexuality due to an ancient British law in their penal codes. So, for me personally, this is not a party, it is a political march, with a strong political campaign message, about tackling discrimination and fighting for equality.

I will be out at Pride London on Saturday 7 July - why don't you join me?

If you want to find out more about the troubles experienced by Pride London this year, you can do no better than read this excellent feature by Peter Tatchell in the UK Huffingtonpost:
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