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Rakshita (Raks) Patel

Sherlockian obsessions

Set out below the cut are my Sherlockian obsessions:

Please add your own Sherlockian obsessions in the comments.

You know you are obsessed with Sherlock when:

- you buy yourself a very long black ankle-length Sherlock coat, in the hope of one day running into the world's only consulting detective and him asking you to follow him chasing madly after black cabs, running up stairs, and then leaping across rooftops in central London, with your long black coat swishing wildly in the wind behind you

- a minor dislike you have had of swimming and swimming pools since childdhood turns into a full-blown phobia

- you put a riding crop on your Christmas list

- you avoid wearing pink like the plague even though it used to be one of your favourite colours

- you take up ambulance chasing in the forlorn hope that you will be able to steal an orange shock blanket

- you insist on having three nicotine patches on your arm at all times even though you have never smoked a cigarette in your life

- your trusty London A-Z, the only use of which pre-Sherlock was as an invaluable tool for getting you around London, suddenly takes on a whole new meaning as a secret code book

- taking two sugars in your coffee suddenly becomes the coolest thing in the world to do again, instead of completely socially unacceptable

- you know instinctively that you are going to spend your walking holiday with the Ramblers in the Wye Valley, Wales searching for the footprints of a giant Hound

- flogging a corpse in a mortuary with a riding crop becomes your idea of a good night out

- an orange shock blanket becomes the ultimate fashion accessory

- you abandon London buses to be driven around in black London cabs even though their fares are bankrupting you.

Those are my Sherlockian obsessions. What are yours?
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