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Bullingdon Club: The politics of Posh By Alastair Campbell, courtesy of the Independent

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Again, an excellent piece by Alastair Campbell, in the Independent - PLEASE READ!

Cut and pasted from the Independent:

Bullingdon Club: The politics of Posh by Alastair Campbell

In the first of a series of blogs this week looking at the politics of class, Alastair Campbell discusses Laura Wade’s Posh. The play, which, if any comparisons with the notoriously elite Bullingdon Club are drawn (of which Conservative trio David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson were all members) opens a more disturbing concern than our political leaders not knowing the price of milk. Last year the Prime Minister denied that there were similarities between the club he was famously a member of, and the destructive behaviour witnessed in the summer riots.

There are many ways to judge a play. Did you enjoy it on the night? Would you recommend it to others? Do you want to see it again? And does it make you think, and keep thinking?

Follow the link to read the piece:
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