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Alastair Campbell's Class Debate: Review Of Posh, courtesy of the Huffington Post

Photo credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/06/17/laura-wade-posh-review_n_1603638.html

This is a great feature article on Posh with some AMAZING photos.

Cut and pasted from the Huffington Post:

Alastair Campbell's Class Debate: Review Of Posh

With perfect timing, the play Posh at the Duke of York's Theatre has been tackling class division in modern times. Written by Laura Wade, Posh follows the exploits of ten members of an elite Oxford dining society, secretly known as the Riot Club – spoilt boys trying to make their way in a world that they feel has forgotten their rightful place in society.

As well as rave reviews and talks for a forthcoming film, Posh has been dipping its toe into topical debate, as the Duke of York’s Theatre became a venue for a discussion chaired by Alastair Campbell (I went to this discussion and loved it!).

With fellow speakers Luciana Berger, Labour MP; Dr James Tilley, Lecturer at Oxford; and Rachel Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of The Lady, Campbell sat down with an audience in the fitting regal theatre to talk class and power in a country where 65% of the Cabinet are Oxbridge graduates.

Follow the link to read the feature and to see the photos:
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