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Gareth Malone, BBC

Originally posted in early March

Gareth is here:

Gareth was nominated in the Broadcasting Press Guild TV Awards. He was nominated for "Gareth Malone goes to Glyndebourne" in the Best Factual Entertainment Programme category. My reaction to his nomination was ... NO BRAINER NO BRAINER NO BRAINER - I love Gareth Malone - Please please please please please let Gareth win - Please - I am on my hands and knees begging - PLEASE!!!

What I wanted to say was that Gareth is a major TV personality who has his own official website. I am a HUGE Gareth Malone fan and I love the fact that he has this website.

Gareth says:
Hi, I'm Gareth Malone - welcome to my website. You'll find lots of advice about singing and choirs, as well as information about my programmes and a few photographs. Do please get in touch to let me know what you think!

Check this out:
Gareth says:
Hi! I'd love to hear what you think about my programmes, or any of my other projects, or even my taste in pullovers! Shows like The Choir have been an amazing success. I get hundreds of emails every day and sadly I just cannot answer everyone individually. But do please post your feedback on my Facebook page — I do read all your messages and really enjoy getting your comments.

This is all amazing. The site is exceptional and again I would call it a market leader. If I ever want to know what Gareth is up to and what he is doing - I don't need to trawl the internet I just need to go to his website. It contains all the info I need and a lot more besides. It is genius.

So all I am saying is that it can be done. If celebs choose to do this, it really helps their fans. You (the celeb) are then in control of the info going to your fans. It is a great resource. I wish more celebs did it.

Shout out to Gareth Malone - Gareth, I hope you win your category - You sure as hell deserve to!!!
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