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Line of Duty, BBC2, Tuesday 26 June, 9pm

I have no insider information on this but I am recommending it because it is the BBC, it is a serious "issues" drama, and it stars Lennie James who is always excellent.

Photo credit: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/interviews/a389538/lennie-james-line-of-duty-interview-playing-good-guys-is-too-easy.html

Cut and pasted from the BBC Website:

Line of Duty: A hard-hitting new thriller series explores the world of police corruption

When Steve Arnott is transferred to a police anti-corruption unit, he finds his target is the city's top detective, Tony Gates. Can Gates really be as good as he appears? Arnott must engage in a cat-and-mouse struggle to uncover Gates' secret.

DCI Tony Gates is played by Lennie James, DS Steve Arnott by Martin Compston, DC Kate Fleming by Vicky McClure, Jackie Laverty by Gina McKee, Superintendent Ted Hastings by Adrian Dunbar, DS Matt “Dot” Cottan by Craig Parkinson, DC Nigel Morton by Neil Morrissey and DC Deepak Kapoor by Faraz Ayub.

Follow the link for more details on the production:

You can see the trailer here:
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