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Cut Trident Not Public Services - Act Now!

Cut Trident. Time to scrap nuclear weapons. Take a minute & ask your MP to sign up! http://act.cnduk.org/lobby/63 I have done so, courtesy @CNDuk

Please contact your MP and asking them to sign EDM 96 on Trident Replacement - calling for the government to scrap spending plans on new nuclear weapons.

Cut and pasted from the CND website:

In 2006, the government’s White Paper on Trident Replacement estimated a cost of £11-14 billion for new nuclear weapons submarines. That cost of the subs is now likely to be £25-26 billion. The total cost of the whole programme, including lifetime costs, will exceed £100 billion. At a time of massive government spending cuts, many people believe this to be an appalling waste of tax payers' money.

Polls show a majority of the British population opposed to Trident, but the government still refuses to reconsider possession of nuclear weapons and to assess whether we really need them for our security or not. First the Strategic Defence and Security Review assumed Britain has to have nuclear weapons. Now Lib Dem Defence Minister Nick Harvey’s Trident Alternatives Review is likely to do the same – even if it considers alternative nuclear options to Trident submarines. We welcome the review but don't want it to make the same mistake as the SDSR. The non-nuclear option has to be on the table.

A full defence review considering the use of nuclear weapons in national security, needs to take place before a decision is taken on constructing new submarines.

Follow the link for all the information:
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