Rakshita (Raks) Patel (rakspatel) wrote in mycroft_brolly,
Rakshita (Raks) Patel

Clybourne Park, Wyndhams

I saw this at the Royal Court with Martin Freeman. It was outstanding. One of the best things I saw last year. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best new play I saw last year.

I randomly decided to go and see it again today. It was actually even better the second time round. It is intelligent, thoughtful, moving and funny. It looks back in time to the 1950s and also to the present day. It is about property, neighbourhoods, race and political correctness, amongst other things. The production is outstanding. Beg, borrow and steal to get a ticket and catch it whilst you can. Highly highly highly recommended.

It is here:

Stephen Campbell Moore replaces Martin Freeman. For what it is worth (nothing!!!), in my opinion, with apologies to Martin fans, Stephen was better than Martin in this role. He plays the part perfectly.
Tags: theatre
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