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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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The Judas Kiss, Hampstead Theatre
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

Cut and pasted from the Hampstead Theatre website:

The Judas Kiss by David Hare
Directed by Neil Armfield
6 September - 13 October

Wilde’s dangerous philosophy leads him on a path to destruction. The Judas Kiss describes two pivotal moments on that path: the day Wilde decides to stay in England and face imprisonment, and the night, after his release two years later, when the lover for whom he risked everything betrays him.

With a quiet but burning sense of outrage, David Hare presents the consequences of taking an uncompromisingly moral position in a world defined by fear, expedience and conformity.

Cast includes Rupert Everett and Freddie Fox.

Follow the link for more details and to book tickets:

Raks's Says - I am recommending this purely on the basis that I love Oscar Wilde!

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Freddie Fox as Bosie? I'm hooked! Not so sure about Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde, but still, I'd love to see this. :-)

I saw Freddie Fox in "Hay Fever" at the Noel Coward Theatre recently, he was very very good.

He was also in the audience for "Chariots Of Fire" on Thursday (7th). He's a very good looking young man. Incidentally Simon Callow was also there.

Edited at 2012-06-11 01:20 am (UTC)

The more relevant question appears to be ... who wasn't there?!

I am VERY sure about Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde - I think he'll be perfect!

I've booked to see this just because it's Rupert Everett, and I've been a fan since I first saw him in the film of "Another Country". Also it will be interesting to see what Hampstead Theatre looks like with the normal seat configuration.

I think Rupert Everett will be perfect as Oscar Wilde!

Got my ticket for this in the post today.

The Hampstead is a neat little theatre in its normal configuration. I loved it. You have reminded me that I have Another Country on dvd and haven't watched it yet. Must do so!

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