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Havana Rumba!, E4 Udderbelly Festival, Southbank Centre

Photo credit: https://www.underbelly.co.uk/

Cut and pasted from the Underbelly Website:

Havana Rumba!, Wed 30 May to Sun 8 July 2012

The hottest Cuban Salsa party in town!

Direct from Havana. An intoxicating cocktail of Rumba, Salsa, Rum and Reggaeton. Dazzling, eye-popping mind-blowing performances from the Kings of Cuban Dance.

Get up close and personal in a sensational evening of Cuban Salsa with the coolest, sensual dancers in town.

Bump and Grind the night away to the ecstatic, explosive Cuban beats from Sonora La Calle, Cuba's legendary salsa band.

It's Irresistible, Insatiable, Unmissable!

For more details follow the link:

Raks's Reaction

I saw this on Sunday 3 June. What did I think? It was:
- fun
- high energy
- happy
- joyful
- colourful and
- authentic.

Firstly, the music, the singing and the dancing were all excellent. I really appreciated and loved the fact that there was a live band; I really believe that this can make all the difference to a musical show. The dancing and the dancers were "hot"; I don't need to say any more!

The purple cow is a relatively small and intimate space, which meant that you were very close to all of the action - the band, the singers, and the dancers - even if you sat right at the back, as I chose to do. It also meant that the show could have full and proper audience participation and interaction - I loved that! The performers engaged and involved the audience throughout the show. And, considering this is England, there was FULL audience participation; the performers managed to - by the end of the show - get EVERYONE onto their feet, joining in the dance moves and singing along. That is a real achievement in the land of the stiff upper lip!

To summarise, this show brings Cuba to London, tracing social dance and music in Cuba right from the 50s to the present day. The show features authentic Cuban music, singing and dancing; all the performers have come over from Cuba. So if you want to see and feel a slice of Cuba right in the heart of London, go and see this show!

Recommended. I really enjoyed it and I had fun!
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